Hayward Phoenix 2X

The Phoenix 2X Wheel Drive Suction Cleaner has an unstoppable suction power on all pool terrain. With a robust design built for a reliable clean, the Phoenix 2X has three easily interchangable throats that improve the suction performance at lower flow and allow for larger debris to pass. This also means that the Phonix 2X is ideal for use with variable-speed pumps.

Multiple pre-programmed steering sequences ensure that Phoenix 2X covers both deep and shallow ends equally, including walls.

The patented robust tyre treds provide superior climbing power and obstacle maneuverability – especially main drains.

Phoenix’s patented adjustable roller skirt maintains optimal suction on uneven surfaces.

Product Features

  • Maintains constant suction. 
  • Multiple pre-programmed steering sequences.


  • Expertly navigates any surface.
  • Optimal suction at almost any flow.

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