Pacific Blue Power Tabs

BioGuardĀ® Pacific Blue Power Tabs are unique patented 160g pool tablets that provide optimum sanitation for pools, as well as having multifunctional capabilities to assist in buffering and clarifying pool water.

Product Features

  • 650g/kg available chlorine.
  • Totally soluble, multifunctional 160g tablet.
  • Built-in chlorine-tolerant clarifiers and water-enhancing agents.
  • Can be used in skimmers, floaters or feeders.


  • Ensures sparkling clear pool water.
  • Save money as up to 20% less product required than comparable sanitisers.
  • Less skin and eye irritation than many chlorinating products.
  • Easy to use.
  • Minimal impact on water balance, saving you money.
  • Consistent chlorine levels for better protection.


  • 723g/kg trichloroisocyanuric acid.
  • 650g/kg available chlorine.

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