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Don’t let cloudy spa water give you the cold shoulder!

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The only cloudiness you should be seeing this winter is in the sky – not in your spa.  But if cloudy spa water is a problem, you can follow these tips to clear things up – and you’ll be soaking rather than sulking.

First let’s look at what could be causing cloudy water.

1. High pH – your spa’s pH level should not be higher than 7.6. If it is, you’ll get scale formation and your sanitising becomes ineffective.  Both these problems cause cloudiness.

2. High alkalinity – When your spa water has alkalinity higher than 150ppm, it begins to form scale and destabilises the pH, again causing cloudy water.

3. High calcium hardness – ideally your spa’s calcium hardness will be between 175 to 250 ppm.  If the levels are too high, you’ll see scale build up and cloudiness.

Don’t forget, you can always take a water sample into your local BioGuard Approved Retailer who can test it and recommend the ideal water treatment.

The answer is Crystal Clear!

BioGuard’s SPA Crystal Clear is specifically designed for clarifying cloudy water in spas ensuring your water is always clear and sparkling.  It’s an easy-to-use,  concentrated formula meaning you save on time as well as money.  Other great reasons for using Crystal Clear are:

  • It does not contain any alum
  • It improves filter efficiency
  • It does not affect pH and water balance

And once you have achieved crystal clear results, it’s a simple weekly maintenance schedule using Crystal Clear.

Combined with using the right product, such as Crystal Clear, there are also some simple steps for helping keep cloudy water at bay.

  • Fill your clean spa with clean water
  • Follow a regular maintenance schedule – your BioGuard Approved Retailer can create one for you
  • Keep your filter clean
  • Regularly sanitise and keep the water balance at the correct levels
  • Regular testing is the most effective way to ensure your spa water stays crystal clear!
  • Change the spa water every 3-4 months.

What about foamy water?
Sometimes accompanying cloudy spa water, is foam in your spa. Excess foam in your spa is usually a build-up of oils from the body, hairsprays, gels, deodorant, makeup – and if you’ve washed your swimwear in laundry detergent, the residue can cause a foaming spa too. To help prevent this, it’s good practice to shower before using the spa to wash away any oils, cosmetics, deodorant or detergent.

So, the solution is Crystal Clear.  And that’s exactly what your spa water will be if you follow those simple steps.

Keep in mind that spas are all different, so make sure you consult your manual for correct equipment operation and maintenance procedures, and visit a BioGuard Approved Retailer for expert advice.

If you have any questions about your spa’s water or you’re interested in a specific spa treatment plan, speak with your local BioGuard Approved Retailer and they will be only too happy to help.

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