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How to make the most of your spa in autumn

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Long warm nights are the perfect excuse to pull off the spa cover and enjoy a revitalising and relaxing spa.

If you’ve neglected  your spa over the summer months, there are a few simple steps you’ll need to
do to get everything ready – but after that, running your spa in the lead up to winter is as easy
as turning up the temperature.

Your spa cover

While keeping out dirt, leaves and bugs, the cover also acts as a seal for your spa. So if you’re removing the cover for the first time in a while, it’s a good idea to give your spa a good airing.
At the same time, give the cover a clean – a simple spray and wipe with warm water.

Treat the water

If you haven’t paid much attention to your spa in recent months, here are a few simple steps to getting it back into tip-top condition.  Many manufacturers have a specific start-up procedure to make sure everything is working fine. We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions at all times.

After filling your spa, ensure the water is circulating before balancing it with products from the BioGuard Spa balancing range.

Next add BioGuard Spa Sanitiser, as per label directions and your spa manufacturer’s start-up instructions.  This will keep your water safe from bugs and germs.

Then add BioGuard Spa Purity to oxidise the water and BioGuard Spa Crystal Clear for that diamond sparkle.

Finally, we recommend adding  BioGuard Spa Defence. This will help to protect your spa and
its hardware, and prevent surface staining and build-up.

With the treatment complete, you should have a chlorine residual of 2-3 ppm.

Of course, you can always take a sample of your spa water to your local BioGuard Approved Retailer who can help you get that balance just right.

Run those jets

To maintain water quality in your spa, it’s a good idea to run the jets. This not only helps to regulate the spa temperature, running the jets will pass more water through your filter quickly and help keep your spa clean – just remember to regularly check and change the filter!

By the way – running the jets and circulating the water is even more important in summer, particularly if you are not going to fully cover the spa between spa sessions.

Drop the temperature

While spas are designed to heat water, cold spas are incredibly refreshing at any time of year. Depending on the make and model, this may simply prevent the heating element from turning on, but in some cases, your spa can actively cool the water.

If you’ve got a touch of the Scandinavian in you, drop the temperature even further by adding ice!
This won’t damage your spa or spa surfaces, but we still recommend adding it in small increments,
so you can more easily control the chemistry of your spa.

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