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Oxidation - bad for fruit, good for your pool

Most people recognise oxidation when it occurs in the form of rust on metal, or when apples turn brown when cut. But interestingly enough, it is also the same chemical process that removes all the impurities from your pool or spa water.

So, what is oxidation?

It’s a bit technical, but in your swimming pool, oxidation is the chemical reaction that occurs when a reactive substance (chlorine) interacts with unwanted organic matter (sweat, leaves, suntan lotion). The chlorine you add to your pool is there to attack and destroy unwanted bacteria. By doing this, the bacteria is removed and is unable to cause illness.

However, when organic matter enters the pool, the chlorine will also combine with this matter instead of focusing on killing bacteria. When chlorine attacks organic matter, it forms ‘chloramines’. Chloramines are actually the smell that you may have always associated with chlorine.

If there’s enough organic matter in your pool, all of your chlorine will go towards making chloramines, instead of attacking and removing bacteria. When this happens, algae and bacteria levels increase, even if you add chlorine on a regular basis.

When should you oxidise?

The short answer – weekly, especially when your pool is in use (in summer).

Obviously it’s best to have pool water that does not make you or your family sick. Oxidising removes unwanted organic matter before it builds up and becomes a problem. This allows the chlorine to focus on its job – killing bacteria.

The best way to avoid these problems altogether and ensure your pool water is always safe and healthy, is to just follow the BioGuard 3 Step Program.

Step 1: Sanitise the water to remove harmful bacteria
Step 2: Use an oxidiser to destroy organic matter and keep the water sparkling clear
Step 3: Treat water with an algaecide to control any algae growth

Crystal clear up your troubles

At the end of the day, it’s about ensuring your pool or spa is always enjoyable, with crystal clear water that doesn’t sting your eyes. So, it’s a good idea to have these world-leading BioGuard products on hand. We recommend using the following BioGuard oxidisers:

For salt pools, use Salt Pool Sparkle®, and BioGuard Lite® for chlorine pools. These are perfect for your weekly maintenance program, as they’re fast acting, meaning you can be back in the water just one hour after treatment.

BioGuard Burn Out Extreme® provides a convenient and economical means for shocking swimming pools and for treating pools with chlorine demand and algae problems.

BioGuard Oxysheen® is a chlorine-free, stabiliser-free oxidiser treatment for pools, which also allows bathers back in the water one hour after treatment.

Oxidiser products

Whether you’re new to treating your swimming pool, or already confident with your water maintenance program, this short video explains our 3 Step Program. It’s well worth watching.


And if you ever need any advice at all on keeping your pool pristine or spa spectacular, your BioGuard Approved Retailer will gladly help.

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