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The health benefits of spas

The therapeutic and health benefits of spas are vast. The combination of heat, massage and buoyancy means the physical and mental benefits of relaxing in a spa are enormous.

You can reduce stress and anxiety, ease tired and stiff muscles and enjoy full-body relaxation.

Unlike the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who built baths at mineral and thermal springs, we can easily take advantage of the powers of hot water in the privacy of our homes.

One of the most-often cited reasons for using a spa is simply relaxation. It’s like soaking in a hot bath, only better. Sitting in warm, bubbling water is very soothing to the soul, as well as the tight neck and shoulder muscles that can be caused by stress.

For those with sore muscles after exercising, the heat and the high-pressure massage offered by the jets in a spa is therapeutic.

Blog_spa-health_1The heat also improves blood flow and helps to relax the tissues around arthritic joints, which can reduce stiffness and inflammation and enable gentle stretching in a non-weight-bearing environment.

In some cases, people recovering from injury can benefit from using a spa to reduce pain and muscle spasms and improve mobility.

Even if you don’t have a health issue to treat, stretching is easier and more effective in a spa because the warm water decreases muscle tension.

Blog_spa-health_2Many people suffering from insomnia have reported improved sleep after using a spa before bedtime, thanks to the effects of increased body temperature, improved blood flow and enhanced relaxation.

So put away that phone, set aside some down time and chill out in the warm water of spa.

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