BioGuard Chlorinators

Chlorinators use your pool’s salt water to automatically generate chlorine to kill nasty germs, ensuring the water is safe to swim in. BioGuard Salt Water Chlorinators use the dissolved salt in your pool water, as it passes through the cell, to generate chlorine.  A chlorinator reduces the need to directly add liquid or granular chlorine by hand – a great time saver!  Furthermore, the amount of chlorine generated by your chlorinator can be adjusted to keep your pool sparking clean, help reduce red eyes, itchy skin and harsh chemical odours which can be caused by conventional chlorine.

Why choose a BioGuard Salt Water Chlorinator?

APS Chlorinator Systems, Australia’s leading manufacturer and repairer of all major chlorinator brands, has been operating for over 25 years and has seen it all when it comes to chlorinators – the good and the bad!  APS and BioGuard have incorporated many components from the world’s best chlorinator designs to develop Australia’s finest range.

Automatically generates chlorine to disinfect and sanitise salt pool water
Low maintenance, easy to use and self-cleaning
Made in Australia using specially constructed, premium, durable and reliable components to withstand high temperatures and UV radiation, typical of harsh Australian conditions
Suitable for most residential swimming pools

Which Chlorinator best suits me?

This depends on numerous factors including your pool size, pool surface, frequency of use and existing equipment. Your local BioGuard Approved Retailer will help you choose the correct chlorinator that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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