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AFM - Swimming in Drinking Water!

Let’s make it clear; when it comes to pool filtration, it’s vital that you use the best filter media on the market to keep your pool water healthy. For this reason, we’re thrilled that Activated Filter Media (AFM®), is available exclusively from BioGuard in Australia and New Zealand. Give your pool filter the first class experience with AFM, and you’ll be swimming in certified drinking water!

Developed by marine biologists, AFM is a direct replacement for sand and crushed glass. It removes dirt and filters 200% better than sand – revolutionising the game!

It’s also the ONLY activated glass in the world that is NOT just recycled glass. With 300 times more surface area than sand, unique, bio-resistant AFM can filter particles as small as five microns, 96% of the time. When it comes to clean, healthy water, AFM is the best possible product you can buy.

You’re Going To Love It!

Happy customers have already confirmed that since using AFM, their water clarity has dramatically improved. They’ve also noticed that their backwash has halved – reducing their chemical and water replacement costs! It really is the best filter media available anywhere in the world!

So Why is AFM Such an Incredible Product?

The real difference comes down to quality. Compared to other filter media on the market, the premium quality of AFM’s glass means it overachieves when it comes to performance, maintenance, and product safety. AFM has been independently tested and proven to outperform and outlast every other tested filter media on the market.

Healthy pool water is our prerogative, and as AFM is self-sterilising, unlike other media, it doesn’t become an incubator for bacteria and viruses.

AFM is a grade above the rest, and for clean water, it’s the clear choice. To discover more about this revolutionary product,  head to your local BioGuard Approved Retailer. And remember to keep an eye out on our Facebook page for healthy pool and spa tips, and information about our products.

AFM Held in Hand

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