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The Cure To A Green Pool

If your pool has a case of the ‘algaes’, you’ll need to bring it back to health as soon as possible. The longer you leave it – the more unwell it’ll become and the more expensive it gets to bring it back to life.

The most effective way to remedy your pool is through a shock and algaecide treatment. We recommend a measured dose of BioGuard Burn Out Extreme supplemented with BioGuard Algi Destroyer.

To do this, follow the Shock Formula: one 600g bag of BioGuard Burn Out Extreme treats a 50,000 litre pool. Keep your filter and pump running for at least 10 hours during and after the treatment, waiting until it’s dark before administering so the sun doesn’t burn off any unstabilised chlorine.

It’s important to note that all shock treatments should be supplemented with BioGuard Algi Destroyer, or a similar algaecide. By combining two active ingredients into one formula, Algi Destroyer is a double action attack – eradicating algae swiftly and successfully.

To determine how much algae is in your pool, use the BioGuard Colour Diagnosis.


Light Green/Teal Coloured Water

This indicates a low level of algae and will require the basic shock formula above. Add one bag of BioGuard Burn Out Extreme to every 50,000L of pool water plus the addition of Algi Destroyer, or any other algaecide.

Green Or Dark Green

This generally signifies a medium amount of algae in the water. Requiring more than one treatment. Add two bags of BioGuard Burn Out Extreme to every 50,000L of pool water plus the addition of Algi Destroyer, or any other algaecide.

Black/Brown-Green Water

At this point, it would be recommended to get a qualified BioGuard Approved Retailer to come out and take a look. They will be able to tell you the correct dosage of chemicals required or if the pool needs to be drained. NEVER drain a pool without seeking advice from a qualified BioGuard Approved Retailer. It can ‘pop’ out of the ground and be totally destroyed!

Water still looks unwell? Fear not – once the algae is destroyed, your water will have a cloudy, grey and blue appearance. To bring your pool back to its healthy best, run your pump and filter and introduce BioGuard Super Clear Clarifying Tabs. If pain persists, see your local BioGuard Approved Retailer.

Remember, all of this can be avoided by following our 3 Step Program; the most cost-effective way to keep your pool healthy, sparkling clear and free of algae!


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