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Don't Let Your Sparkle Fade

You’ve tried it all; changing the water, scrubbing your spa surfaces, using the right balancing chemicals, but nothing seems to keep the water clear for long. As well as being a source of enjoyment for you, your friends and family, spas, in essence, are also an aesthetic feature in your backyard. Let’s face it, nobody wants to hop into a murky spa, even when they know it’s clean. Don’t let your sparkle fade – try these easy tips to get your spa water clean!

There are many causes for a cloudy spa, including:
– Debris from the environment
– Not enough sanitiser
– Poor filtration
Once you’ve identified the problem you can work towards a solution!


A build-up of contaminants can be a hard barrier to break through with your usual chemical care routine. Administer a shock treatment to your spa water using an oxidiser or sanitiser, we recommend using BioGuard SPA Armour® because its 2-in-1 formula functions as both a sanitiser and an oxidiser, saving you money on the two chemicals.

Show That Filter Some Love!

If there is debris caught in your filter it might not be serving your spa system well! Remove your spa filter and clean it using a specialised filter-cleaning product like BioGuard SPA Filter Renew (tip: don’t use cleaning agents that aren’t designed for cleaning the filter because they can damage the cartridge). Make sure all debris is carefully removed from the pleats before reinstalling the filter in your spa.

Just To Clarify…

Try using a water clarifier to make your water clear and sparkling. We recommend BioGuard SPA Crystal Clear™ – an easy-to-use polymer blend that makes any small non-filterable particles big enough so that the filter can suck them out! The best thing about it is that it doesn’t affect your pH level or the water balance, saving you time and money – win-win!

Spa Sparkle Bonus Tip!

Often the products we use on our bodies – like moisturisers and deodorant – will create a murky film when we get into the spa. Yuck! When you can, shower before hopping into the spa to minimise the number of contaminants coming in with you!

If problems persist, visit your local BioGuard Approved Retailer!

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