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Enjoy your new pool

A pool is a great investment, but you don’t need to spend hours each week looking after it.

Some pool builders will fill your new pool and treat it with the right chemicals so it’s ready to enjoy. Once it’s set up, you just need to follow a maintenance program to keep your pool at its sparkling best.

The keys to a pristine pool are routine water circulation, a clean filter, regular vacuuming and using the right chemicals at the right time. This will ensure you don’t end up with problems that can be costly and time-consuming to deal with.

It’s also a good idea to take a water sample to your BioGuard Approved retailer once a month for comprehensive analysis.

Whether you have a fresh or salt water pool, you’ll need to learn the basics about pool products and how tobioguard smart sticks use them.

Sanitiser or chlorine is the critical element. It kills bacteria and other nasties so the water remains safe
and healthy.

Oxidisers take care of any small organic waste that finds its way into the pool and will keep the water looking crystal clear.

Algaecides are another vital tool, particularly in our warm climate. Tiny algae spores are everywhere, and if left untreated will turn your pool water green.

Balancers ensure the water has the correct pH and mineral content. Skipping this step can lead to cloudy water, corrosion, scale and damage your equipment.

Polysheen PlusSpeciality – there’s also a number of cleaners, clarifiers, water enhancers and stain removers. BioGuard Polysheen Plus is a highly concentrated clarifier that combines tiny unwanted particles into larger ones, making it easier for the filter to remove. This results in diamond sparkling pool water!

By keeping an eye on the water chemistry and balance, especially during extremely hot weather, periods of high use or after storms and heavy rainfall, you will ensure your pool is ready to enjoy at any time.

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