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New spa design trends and ideas

We could all use a break from our busy lives. However finding the perfect spot to relax, take a load off and just forget about the constant rush can be hard for some people; especially when going for a walk, having a drink or napping on the couch isn’t enough.

Fortunately, a soak in the spa is just the ticket!

But, finding and choosing your own spa design is rarely as relaxing as using the spa itself. So, we’ve provided you with the ultimate guide for what’s trending in spa design and some great ideas to make the most of your prospective spa space.

So what’s trending in modern spas?

As technology is finding its way into our everyday life, smartphone integration is inevitable. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth making for seamless Internet connectivity, controlling your spa has never been easier. You can now remotely operate most new spa’s, with temperature, balance and filtration checks and also reminders for maintenance with corresponding tutorials.

Swim spas are also increasing in popularity. There are both below and above ground options, allowing for swimming, rowing and in-water jogging. A swim spa is a great alternative to resistance training and cardio-fitness, while taking the stress off your joints.

You have the option of an indoor or an outdoor spa, as well as a stand-alone spa, or pool and spa combination. By putting a heavy focus on design, you’ll make your spa the centerpiece of your backyard.

Here are some of our favourite modern spa designs to help get your creative juices flowing!




One of the biggest frustrations for people when installing new spas is loss of space, particularly if the landscape is small already. So making the most of a small space is essential for creating the relaxing and inviting landscape you so desire.

The two-person spa is great for smaller spaces. Be creative! Think about the positioning, utilise corners or ledges, think about what shapes work with other objects in your yard and make sure to reduce clutter; even a cosy nook can be transformed into a personal oasis.

Use the existing landscape. For example, patios and decking are great foundations for a spa. Making sure the area is flat should go without saying, but making use of an incline can create a spa sanctuary to give you a more secluded feel.

Soften the boundaries around your spa. Fences and large shrubbery can quickly make a space feel smaller. Using well-spaced potted plants or having at least two major openings to your spa will create atmosphere and allow for interaction with people outside.

If looking for your new spa, remember: you don’t need a big backyard to create a sense of spaciousness and an inviting mood, have a look around the market and at what other people have done, but most importantly – have fun!

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