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Picking the perfect spa for your lifestyle

Whether for relaxation, entertaining, exercise, family or couples time, choosing your new spa should be a lot of fun. But as with any big-ticket purchase, selecting the right spa for your lifestyle, means making a few well thought out decisions.

Only pick the essentials

How much do you want to spend? Knowing your budget and level of luxury will help you decide when it comes to a few hidden costs.

It’s easier to turn down coloured mood lighting, sound equipment and waterfall features if you’ve seen them in action.

Bigger isn’t always better

It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

It might be easier and more affordable to run a smaller spa, but if you’re planning on growing your family, or want to invite friends over, you’re going to want some room to move.

Calculate the costs first before diving in.

What’s your type?

No doubt spas are relaxing, but they can also be an important part of physical rehabilitation or low-impact exercise. Most of today’s spas come in longer shapes and operate with resistance jets for you to swim against.

And when it comes down to it, you’ve essentially got two types of spas to consider: in-ground or above. Most above ground units are self-contained, whereas in-ground spas generally come without built-in components and can be customised for you.

Have a think about what you’re predominantly using the spa for.

Let’s get comfy

If possible, try before you buy. A spa that seems comfortable will feel different once you’re weightless. Try each nook and cranny to see how it feels.

Jets are important, and it might seem like ‘more is best’, but placement and functionality is the key. If you feel a jet every time you sit down – comfort is an issue. Just make sure there’s enough power to massage and that the settings are easy to control.

Do your research

Sometimes the most enjoyable purchases go unused, so do your research and choose wisely.

Spas use quite a bit of water and electricity, so choosing the best pump is important. Researching greener options before shopping can save you in the long-term. Some models feature energy-efficient materials and parts that can save you time and money.

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