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Pool Cleaning Guide

Much like your home, your pool needs to be kept clean so it remains enjoyable and safe to use.

Establishing a routine for keeping your pool clean will ultimately save you time and money and maximise your swimming enjoyment.

Use a long-handled net to catch leaves and other debris from the surface before they sink and potentially stain the surface of your pool. Also keep an eye on the water level, as this helps maintain the chemical balance and allows the pump and other equipment to work correctly.

Using a scrubbing brush along the water line will remove scale, but you should also brush the walls and bottom of your pool weekly, during use, to prevent any bacteria or algae from taking hold. Doing this before you vacuum the pool is ideal.

Pool_CleanerMechanical pool vacuums are among the most popular in Australia and New Zealand, but there’s also growing interest in automatic or robotic cleaners like the Phoenix by Hayward or the Tiger Shark by Hayward.

Once you’ve cleaned your pool you will want to keep it looking its best, so ensure the water is circulated for up to 8 hours a day during periods of use. This also helps chemicals work properly.

Keeping your filter clean is perhaps the most important step in any pool maintenance routine. This piece of equipment works hard to remove debris and microscopic matter and keep the water sparkling. BioGuard Filter Brite removes scale, rust and other deposits while sanitising the filter cartridge.

Blog_image_2_pool cleaningYou also need to ensure the chemical balance is correct. You can find more general
information on chemicals here and on balancers to correct pH balance and alkalinity here.

In summer it can be helpful to shock the pool water with Burn Out Extreme every few weeks to keep it looking pristine. This is an addition to your routine and not a replacement for regular chlorination.

Putting some time in each week to keep your pool crystal-clear will pay dividends on those hot summer days when you can’t wait to dive in.

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