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Reduce the power costs for your spa

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Running a spa doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

Follow our handy tips for reducing your spa energy costs, and throughout the season, you can enjoy lovely warm soaks without breaking the bank.

Put a lid on it!

The number one way to reduce your spa energy costs is to invest in a good quality cover. We all know hot air rises, so when you’re not using your spa, it’s essential that you keep it covered up. A sturdy cover insulates against heat loss, so the pump and thermostat don’t have to work in overdrive to reheat your water, incurring additional electricity costs.

Regularly inspecting your cover will also save you money in the long run. Check to ensure your cover isn’t broken or damaged and always keep a close eye on the hinge – where heat is most likely to escape. Finally, make sure the cover is a good fit. Even with a top-of-the-range cover, if it doesn’t fit your spa correctly, it will struggle to retain heat, causing your energy bill to rise. As always, follow your spa/cover manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

Turn down the heat

A close second as the most useful tip to saving money on your energy bill, is to lower your spa’s thermostat by a few degrees. You won’t notice the difference during your spa session, but your hip pocket certainly will!

NOTE: If you turn it right down when you’re not using it, it may end up costing you more. Continually resetting your spa temperature can use more energy and wreak havoc on the heating element. Instead, keep it on a consistent temperature and cover it up when you’re not using it. Doing this minimises energy wastage in two ways: unnecessary energy isn’t being wasted, keeping your spa at a higher temperature; and secondly, you’re not using excess electricity to reheat your water every time you want to soak.

For this reason, we recommend only turning your spa’s thermostat right down if you’re going away on holiday. And of course, you should turn it off altogether if you’re planning on shutting it down for the season.

Create a wind break

If your spa is located in a windy area of your home, you should create a windbreak around it. You can easily do this with a fence, plantings or trellising. Protecting your spa from the wind will prevent the water cooling, and make having a spa a more enjoyable experience!

Keep it natural

Another cost-effective option is to harness the power of the sun! Installing a solar heating system will mean you can relax guilt-free in your spa all season.

Be strategic with your heating

Did you know that there is such a thing as peak energy times? It’s generally during the morning and evening as this is when the energy networks are under the biggest strain. To take the pressure off the electrical grid, many providers offer incentives such as cheaper prices during off-peak times. Use these incentives to your advantage and program your thermostat to heat during the off-peak times. A good quality spa cover will keep the water nice and warm for an after-dinner soak. This strategy is guaranteed to shave dollars off your bill!

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