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The War For Water Conservation

With the horror bushfire season of summer 2020, we know now more than ever, that water is a precious resource.  But what are the best ways for water conservation around the pool?

Send In The Tanks

Rainwater is one of the most valuable resources you can collect from your home – and it’s free! Although your ability to conserve water depends on location, installing a rainwater tank will reduce water bills, keep your garden healthy and have broader environmental benefits. The math is simple – the bigger the tank – the more water you can save!

For additional storage and a more effective use of space, try both above and underground water tanks – you’ll reduce costs in the long-term, and minimise water loss through tank failure or water contamination.

Fight Evaporation With Tank Rainwater

Tank water can be safely used for pools (and spas).  It’s best to test the tank water separately to understand how it might affect your pool. Once tank water is introduced, and before swimmers enter, you’ll need to balance the pool water and add extra chlorine or an algaecide as needed.  Our BioGuard Algi Destroyer is an excellent preventer and destroyer of stubborn algae infestations.

Through summer your pool uses and loses a considerable amount of water – due to evaporation and heavy use – that’s why water conservation in winter is as important as ever. Particularly as global temperatures continue to rise, the preservation of our most valuable resource is essential.

At BioGuard we encourage responsible pool ownership and urge all our customers to take the necessary actions to limit their footprint and improve sustainability. Keep fighting the good fight. Every little bit goes a long way.


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