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Bringing your Pool Back to Life

Spring is on our doorstep. If you’ve been ignoring your pool this winter, it’s time to give it some TLC. Life gets busy and we know it can be difficult to keep your pool maintained year-round. If you’ve let your pool maintenance slip – never fear, we have you covered with these tips that will help you prepare your pool for summer.

It’s too early to be thinking about pools, I hear you say. We disagree, the sooner you balance your pool, the more time you’ll have to enjoy as the weather warms up!

Green Machine

It’s all too easy to create the perfect breeding ground for algae in your pool. In the right conditions, these green baddies can bloom in a matter of hours. Warmer temperatures, pH imbalance or the presence of nitrate, phosphate or carbon dioxide can turn your pool into a green machine. It can also be something as simple as poor circulation, filtration or sanitation that will cause you grief.

Nipping any issues in the bud during winter will mean the only stress you’ll have come summer is deciding who to invite over.

If it’s too late and your pool has become algae infested, we recommend using BioGuard Algi Destroyer. Combining two active ingredients in one formula, it’s a double action attack on algae.


It’s time to lose the winter weight. Make sure you get rid of any overhanging branches from nearby trees and bushes. Leaves can clog up your filter system and wreak havoc with your pool balance.

Pool Cover

If you’ve kept your pool nice and snug over winter, take off the cover and give it some air.

Pump & Filter Inspection

Give your pool pump and filter a once-over to check for any damage and wear. Your local BioGuard Approved Retailer can help with any issues you have from repairs to replacement.

Find your Balance

The secret to the perfect pool is balance. Getting a head start on your water balance will help keep it on track during summer. Before testing the water, make sure your water levels aren’t too low. If your pool needs a top up, allow the pump to run for 24 hours before testing the water. This will ensure you’re only adding the chemicals you need, saving you money.

We recommend using Biolab Professional Pool Testing Kit or taking a sample to your nearest BioGuard Approved Retailer, they can offer their expertise to get your pool back on track.

If your pool needs balancing, we recommend using BioGuard Pool Acid to decrease total alkalinity and pH levels in your water. We love this product because of its low cost, easy application, and high quality.

Clean not Green

Sanitising your pool will help bring your pool back to life after a long winter. It keeps bacteria at bay and helps to prevent algae growth. We recommend using Bioguard Pacific Blue Power Tabs. A pool tablet that provides the best sanitation for pools, as well as helping to buffer and clarify your pool water. It keeps your pool sparkly clean and has minimal impact on your water balance.

And that is it.

Putting in the hard yards now, means come pool season you will be cool as a cucumber.

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