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Your Pool Was Born to Sparkle

Shine on! Like magpies, we all love a bit of sparkle, but most importantly we all love sparkly pool water. So, what do you do when this sparkle fades? Our handy hints will keep your pool sparkling year-round.

If your pool water loses its shine, it can cause discomfort or irritation to swimmers. So, it’s important to keep your pool water healthy.

The usual suspects for causing dull water are:

  • A malfunctioning filter
  • Incorrect water balance
  • Not enough sanitiser

So how do you get your pool back on top?

Keep it Pure

When preparing your pool for Spring, make your filter your friend, not your foe. Leading into pool season and during, run your filtration system for eight hours every day. Back-wash it if you have a sand filter and clean cartridges with BioGuard Filter Brite. This wonder product sanitises and revitalises your pool filter and cleans away oil, scale and rust deposits.

If you own a sand filter and it’s beyond repair, a Hayward ProSeries Sand Filters uses the very latest in sand filter technology, which will provide clear, sparkling water.

Check Your Balance

Visit your local BioGuard approved retailer with a sample of your pool water for your free state of the art BioLab water testing, or take matters into your own hands and use BioLab Professional Pool Test Kit. An unbalanced pool can cause corrosion to your pool and equipment, and irritate swimmer’s skin. BioGuard Lo’N’Slo prevents the corrosion of equipment and reduces the risk of scale formation, keeping your pool water balanced and beautiful.

Clear Results

Once you’ve fixed your balance, BioGuard Optimiser is the perfect product to keep your water clear as crystal. It’s a multi-use product that enhances water clarity, improves the performance of other products and suppresses the growth of algae. The added bonus is that you can use BioGuard Optimiser in all pool types and it gets better results from any sanitiser type – saving you time and money! You’ve got to love a product that keeps your pool at its optimum function with minimal effort.

Following these steps will deliver you the gift of pristine pool water. Keep your pool water sparkling by topping your pool throughout the season with BioGuard Low ‘N’ Slow, BioGuard Optimiser, and continue to check your water balance. If you have any questions about choosing the right pool chemicals for you, don’t hesitate to visit your local BioGuard Approved Retailer.

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