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How To Choose The Right Sized Swimming Pool For You & Your Family

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Are you thinking about diving into pool ownership? First and foremost, you need to decide what size pool will suit your lifestyle. It’s important to make the right choice from the beginning because once construction is underway, it’s not something you can easily change! We have created a guide for choosing the right sized pool for you and your family.

The Checklist

Buying a pool is a significant life decision so you need to cover all your bases. Writing a checklist of what you and your family need, will enable you to make an informed choice. Ask yourself the following questions:

– Who is going to be using the pool? How often will they be using it?

– Will your family size be changing in the coming years?

– Is the pool primarily for leisure or exercise?

– Is your pool going to be used frequently for entertaining?

– Are there any construction or planning requirements that you need to take into consideration?

If you’ve got a large family, a big pool will allow your kids to splash to their heart’s content while you can cool off peacefully at the other end. Alternatively, if you live alone or with a partner, you may want a smaller pool with a cutting edge design that creates a showpiece for your home. How often your pool is likely to be used is also an important consideration when deciding on its size and design.

Family Size Changing in the Coming Years

Right now, you might be an empty-nester who wants a small plunge pool that’s easy to maintain. But are grandchildren on your horizon? And do you want to be the favourite grandparent? Rather than just focusing on your current needs, what your future holds is an important factor to consider.


If your primary purpose for buying a swimming pool is for the exercise benefits, a swim spa could be the perfect option for you. A swim spa is a large spa (either hot or cold) with jets that allow you to swim against a water current. No tumble turns required!  


If you love to host large groups of family and friends at your home, a swimming pool can be a great entertaining feature! But keep in mind that it’s unlikely all your guests will be swimming at the same time, so you may need a smaller pool than you think!

Plunge Pool

Do you need a smaller sized pool with easier maintenance and reduced water requirements? A plunge pool will take up less space in your backyard and is famous for its visual appeal – ideal for individuals and couples with a smaller backyard. You can incorporate the design into your landscaping to create a showpiece for your home.


The size and location of your property will affect the size, shape, and design of your pool. There can be strict planning requirements when it comes to positioning your pool near property boundaries, so it’s important to meet with an expert to ensure your design will comply with local government planning standards.

Going through this checklist will help you make an informed choice about what size pool will best suit your lifestyle. Happy swimming!

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