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Do I Really Need To Treat My Pool With Oxidiser?

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Keeping on top of your pool maintenance can be a daunting task when first starting out. When you’re formulating a maintenance plan, it can be tempting to cut corners and save money by only purchasing a selection of the recommended chemical products. But this will cause you stress in the long run! An oxidiser is a product that pool experts consistently advise you use, in order to treat your pool effectively. But what exactly is an oxidiser and do you really need it? We’ve done the hard work for you and dived deep into the world of oxidisers.

What Is Oxidiser?

It’s easy to confuse sanitiser and oxidiser as the same thing. Both products work to clean your pool water, so is it OK to only use one of them? While they both work towards a common goal, they do distinctly different things. Sanitiser works to destroy disease-causing bacteria in your water, while oxidiser burns away organic matter in the pool. Oxidisers use active oxygen to consume nonbacterial waste and convert it into harmless gases that are released into the atmosphere. This oxidation process changes the state of contaminants (such as swimmer wastes and other organic matter), to make them easier to remove. This burning of organic waste in your water also helps to prevent algae growth and cloudy water. Regular oxidation will keep your pool water sparkling and clear of impurities.

This is how oxidisation differs from sanitisation, but the critical reason for oxidising is to change the chloramines present in the water into free available chlorine. This ensures all available chlorine is active to sanitise.

Oxidiser Is A Key Player

So while it may be tempting to save a few dollars and skip the oxidiser, it is a key player when it comes to healthy pool water. Give it a miss, and you’ll end up spending more money on sanitisers and algaecides because you’ll have to use more of each product to make up for the role that oxidiser plays.

So to answer the question – yes, regular oxidation treatment is a necessary step to ensure you’ve got healthy pool water. We recommend following the BioGuard 3 Step Program to ensure your pool water is safe and healthy. Step 1: sanitise the water to remove harmful bacteria, step 2: use an oxidiser to destroy organic waste and keep the water sparkling clear, step 3: treat with an algaecide to control any algae growth. This 3 Step Program will enable your chlorine to sanitise at peak efficiency, giving you value for money.

To improve the chlorine efficiency in your pool, we recommend using BioGuard Oxysheen® a chlorine-free, stabiliser-free oxidiser treatment for swimming pools. BioGuard Burn Out Extreme® provides a convenient and economical means for shocking swimming pools and for treating pools with chlorine demand and algae problems. Both are perfect products to use in your weekly maintenance program as they’re fast acting, meaning you can be back in the water one hour after treatment.

Watch this video for more information about the 3 Step Program.

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