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How to effectively remove leaves from your pool

There’s no doubt, autumn is a beautiful season – the trees and scenery turn every shade of bronze – and the ground becomes a carpet of gold.

While the falling leaves of autumn might be a visual spectacle it’s not great when they fall and land in your pool.

If left, leaves can permanently stain the surface, which is expensive to clean.

So, what are the most effective ways to remove leaves from your pool this autumn?

Leaf Rake

Leaf Rake

Leaf Scoop

Leaf Scoop

Removing Leaves Manually:

A leaf rake is still one of the easiest ways to remove leaves without having to get your hands too dirty.

You also get the quality you pay for. BioGuard has a great range of pool accessories that are engineered for superior performance with minimal effort.

Our Leaf Rake is also self-repairing. If you get a hole, you simply rub the net together to repair – like magic!

Leaf rakes work best if you feel the bottom of the pool with the leading edge, and then slowly push forward across the floor. To collect waste, be gentle when you scoop, but quick to remove the rake from the water.

Leaf Scoops are also great for capturing the leaves on the surface of your pool. This stops them from floating around and staining the walls and floor.

Removing leaves automatically:

Pool skimmers offer great protection against leaves accumulating. Make sure you regularly check your skimmer for leaves, as they will clog the basket.

To ensure efficiency, keep water levels halfway across the skimmer lid. If it’s too high or low, the leaves won’t flow in.

Robotic pool cleaners will remove organics automatically. This means a lot less work from your end.

BioGuard offers a great range of automatic Hayward Pool Cleaners that protect your pool, are simple to install, and provide greater energy efficiency with less effort.

Your best defence however, is a high quality pool cover. It will completely prevent waste from getting into your pool, make cleaning a breeze and extending your swimming season through autumn, as it also heats the water!

However, if you let the leaves build up, the weight can rip the material, leaving you with a pool full of sludge and a hole in your wallet.

Ultimately, the quicker and more efficiently you remove leaves from your pool, and prevent them entering, the easier it is to stay on top of your maintenance.

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