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Keeping your spa spring-clean

Spas come into their own in the cool of winter. Nothing thaws cold toes or soothes a wintery soul like settling into your spa.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your spa is sparkling clean and all set to go when you’re ready to use your spa: Your mid-spa inner-voice should be more “ah, this is so relaxing”, rather than “hmm, the water is a bit cloudy” or “um, what’s that floating on the water”.

Three simple steps

In the same way that a dishwasher’s filters and pipes need to be cleaned regularly to clear away bits of food and ensure sparkling glassware, your spa needs a simple care routine to guarantee your next dip in the spa leaves you feeling relaxed and free from thoughts about what needs adding to your to-do list. It’s easy:

  1. Bye-bye bacteria

Like a swBlog_sickspa_2imming pool, it’s important to sanitise and disinfect spa water. While others are available, chlorine and bromine are the two main chemicals recognised by Health Authorities as being the safest.

BioGuard Armour destroys organic waste and keeps your spa clean and sanitary. It can be used as both a sanitiser and an oxidiser, so there’s no need for two separate products. It doesn’t have to be pre-dissolved and it dissolves fast when added directly to your spa.

  1. Clarify cloudy water

BioGuard SPA Crystal Clear is designed specifically for clarifying cloudy spa water that can be caused by poorly balanced water, under dosing sanitiser, unclean filter cartridges, calcium imbalance and more.

Crystal Clear is a concentrated formula that’s easy to use and improves filter efficiency. It doesn’t affect pH and water balance, and it makes small, non-filterable particles big enough to be removed by the filter.

  1. Bubbles be gone

Foamy water is usually caused by personal products such as detergents and body lotions that wash off your body and into the spa water. That’s why it’s important to never use household cleaners to clean your spa.

Using BioGuard SPA Foam Go instantly eliminates foaming. It can be used with all sanitiser types and it doesn’t affect your spa water’s pH.

Foam Go can also be used to treat foaming in ornamental fountains, and to resolve overdoses of algaecides or foaming products that have been deliberately poured into pools and spas as a joke – but, the joke will be on the prankster with Foam Go!

Spa advice and help is always on hand

Blog_sickspa_1If you have questions and want to speak with an expert, visit the nearest BioGuard Approved retailer – our people are always happy to help. Also, while you’re there, take a sample of your spa water for free testing, which is recommended once every month.

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