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Five tips for a cost-effective spa clean

It’s inevitable that debris will accumulate in your spa at some point. That’s when operating costs can increase and your spa’s water quality goes down. Typically:

  • you increase water and chemical usage,
  • backwashing or cleaning becomes more frequent, and
  • poorer filtration increases chemical consumption in an effort to compensate.

Cleaning is important, but simply draining and refilling a spa can transfer old water problems into the new water. So, what to do?

Follow our five tips to clean your spa the right way every time:

Treat pipelines first

Cleaning involves regular treatment of all pipelines before you drain the water from your spa.

BioGuard Swirl Away is used before draining and refilling your spa. Swirl Away:

  • removes scale build-up in plumbing lines and jets,
  • breaks down body oils and other organic waste,
  • prevents solids from being re-deposited in pipes, and
  • promotes better circulation and filtration.

Drain and clean

Blog_cleanspa_1Once you’ve drained the old water from your spa, wash and polish the shell using a surface cleaner. Our BioGuard SPA Squeaky Clean is an easy-to-use heavy-duty alkaline surface cleaner that won’t damage your spa’s surfaces. Squeaky Clean removes scale, hard water deposits, and grease and dirt from along the water line. It keeps your spa surfaces looking clean and bright.

If your spa has a cover you can use Squeaky Clean to clean that, too.

Freshen the filter

First, clean debris from the skimmer and lint trap, and then remove the filter. Use the garden hose to loosen dirt or particles from the filter, then spray BioGuard SPA Filter Renew directly onto the filter and allow to soak for fifteen minutes. Light brushing may be required for heavy oil, dirt or scale accumulation. Alternatively, place the cartridge into a solution of 1 part of Filter

Renew mixed with 3 parts water and allow to soak for 1 hour. Then rinse clean with maximum garden host pressure.

While it’s a good idea to have an extra filter on hand, there shouldn’t be any need to replace the filter every time it gets dirty. In fact, by using BioGuard Renew, you’ll improve efficiency and extend your filter’s life.

Blog_cleanspa_3Refill, sanitise and defend

Once your spa is filled with clean water, add BioGuard Armour, BioGuard Symmetry or BioGuard Chlorinated Concentrate to keep your spa water clean and sanitary. Also, to prevent scale build-up, staining and water discolouration from metals add BioGuard SPA Defence, too.

pH: Buffer and balance

To maintain a stable comfortable pH, soften spa water and protect equipment, use BioGuard Perfect Balance.

Improve comfort and product performance

Lastly, to improve the performance of other products use BioGuard Velvet. In addition to its rose fragrance, it enhances water comfort, increases water clarity and makes your overall winter spa experience even better.

Together, all of these tasks and products improve your comfort, help to reduce skin and eye irritation, improve water clarity and enhance the performance of all of your products.

In the long run, it will save you time and money.

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