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Kit Out Your Pool This Summer

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Time for an Update?

The new year is an excellent time for a refresh! So why not give your beloved pool an update to keep it performing at its peak?

Your pump, filter, and chlorinator all work hard to keep your pool water healthy and clean. However, this equipment needs to be in excellent working condition to work at its optimum level. Like all things, after time they will need replacing. Signs to watch out for that it might be time for a replacement is: poor water quality (despite regular water testing and treatment), cloudy water that will not clear and low filter pressure.

Head to your Trusted BioGuard® Supplier

If your pool equipment is in need of an update, look no further than BioGuard. Head into your local Approved Retailer, and they can assist you in picking the right Hayward® pump and filter, Dryden Aqua Activated Filter Media and BioGuard chlorinator to suit your lifestyle. There’s a vast and exciting range to choose from, including the following:

Hayward Tristar VS Pump

Australia’s first 10 star energy rated pump. The most efficient pool pump available at any speed. This pump will save you money when it comes to energy costs.

For your filter – Dryden Aqua Activated Filter Media (AFM)

The filter is critical to your pool, so needs the best filter media. Whilst sand does a good job, AFM is the best media to provide clear, sparkling water! Developed by marine biologists, AFM is a direct replacement for sand and crushed glass. It has been independently tested and proven to double the performance of sand and outperform all other media on the market.

Chlorinator – BioGuard Gold Plus

Our BioGuard Gold Plus salt water chlorinator is simple to use, highly efficient and super reliable! It is constructed from the highest quality titanium and is Australian-built, to endure the harshest summers.

Keeping an eye on your pool equipment performance and organising replacements when the time is right, will save you time and money in the long run, and will keep your pool water clean and healthy.

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