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Avoid itchy skin after swimming

Chlorine is an essential part of the chemistry of pool water, but if it’s not used correctly it can cause itchy skin for some swimmers.

If the dose is too high, or an oxidiser is not also used, some people can experience an itchy rash. In most cases this is not an allergic reaction but a case of irritant dermatitis.

It’s a good idea for people with sensitive skin to shower after using a pool. And by following a few simple steps you can ensure your pool water remains in perfect balance.

BioGuard has maintenance programs for all types of pools. Each one gives you step-by-step instructions so you can achieve a healthy, sparkling clear and algae-free pool with a minimum of fuss.

Your BioGuard retailer will also do a water analysis and it’s recommended you take in a sample of your pool water about once a month.

The BioGuard range of products includes:

bioguard smart sticksSanitisers, or chlorine, to prevent algae and kill bacteria that could be a serious health risk if uncontrolled. Available in tablets or granules, look for BioGuard Smart Sticks, BioGuard Smarter Sticks, BioGuard Power Chlor, BioGuard Swim Tabs, BioGuard Swim Clear, BioGuard Cal Chlor, BioGuard Pacific Blue Power Tabs, BioGuard Ezi-Floater, BioGuard Stingy Sticks and BioGuard Salt Pool Sticks.

Oxidisers, which destroy organic contaminants. Regular use keeps pool water sparkling and clear of impurities. It also removes chloramines, which are the result of free chlorine reacting with nitrogen-based material in the water. It’s not the chlorine but the chloramines that can be the cause of skin irritation. The range includes BioGuard Burn Out 35, BioGuard Lite and BioGuard Burn Out Extreme.

msa extremeAlgaecides, which kill algae spores and prevent your pool water from turning green. Sanitisers used to be the weapon of choice against algae, but they have become more diverse and resistant, leading to the development of chemicals specifically designed to overcome their adaptive defence mechanisms. Look for BioGuard MSA Extreme, BioGuard AlgiGuard, BioGuard Algi Destroyer and BioGuard Polygard Concentrate.


pool stabiliserBalancers to help ensure the water’s mineral content is within the desired range. Chemical factors such as total alkalinity, pH and calcium need to be properly balanced for the sanitiser to work correctly and to prevent scale and corrosion from damaging the pool surface and equipment. The range includes BioGuard Balance Pak 100, 200 and 300, BioGuard Pool Acid, BioGuard Lo’N’Slo and BioGuard Stabiliser.

If you prefer salt chlorination, BioGuard has a range of specifically developed salt pool products to keep your pool looking its best. They include BioGuard Salt Pool Sticks, BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle, BioGuard Salt Pool Protector, BioGuard Salt Pool Stabiliser, BioGuard Salt Pool Stain & Scale Control and BioGuard Salt Cell Cleaner.

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