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If you’re swimming – you’re winning!

As island nations, swimming is engrained in both Australian and New Zealand culture. Whether it’s enjoying a dip in the famed Bondi or Piha Beaches, or it’s spending a few hours a week chasing the black line, it’s part of who we are.

And although every type of workout has its selling points, swimming is unlike any other.

Help out your heart

All cardiovascular exercise works to strengthen the heart, and swimming is no exception. By incorporating regular it into your training routine, you’ll lower your blood pressure, improve cholesterol and reach or maintain a healthy body weight.

Strengthen your stature

Because it’s a full-body form of exercise, you’ll build lean muscles and also give your metabolism a boost. And, because you’re giving your body a break from high-impact activities such as running or weight training, you can increase muscle usage, while giving your joints a rest.

Get Flexi-Fit

Hopping in the pool for a few laps is also a great way to improve flexibility. And, its low-impact nature, swimmers can generally swim for longer than if they did other activities – improving endurance and aerobic capacity.

Train your brain

It’s is a great way to de-stress. By either starting or ending your day in the pool, you’ve released a shot of endorphins and serotonin that’ll noticeably improve your mood. It also alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improves your sleep.

Non-exclusive exercise

Because you’re submerged, your bones and muscles are unshackled from the constraints of gravity, making it perfect for those with osteoarthritis, or those undergoing rehab.

The verdict is out! If you’re swimming – you’re winning!





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